Rapid Entry Business Services

Let Rapid Entry fix the mess your books are in and get you on track to go forward with confidence. 

Cloud Systems savvy, Professional Bookkeepers, we’ll keep you safe and on track for tax with no unwanted surprises.

Thanks for all the work you have done and are doing.

I really enjoy using Xero, it’s much more pleasant to use than Myob. You’re making a huge difference to my happiness.
Thank You.

Shane McAuliffe

Business Owner, McAuliffe Painting Pty Ltd

I can’t thank you enough for all the work you’ve done and support you have provided – I really appreciate it.  You did a fantastic job of sorting us out and keeping us organised so thank you.  Lets keep in touch.  I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone who requires Xero/accounts

Shaun Pearse

Business Owner, ITOC Pty Ltd


Those magic words. If you have a shoebox of receipts and bank statements and want it sorted out for your tax, in a rush we can help. Rush work costs extra.

We can process up to 600 transactions plus Shoeboxed cost for 500 receipts ($130) for approx $1000* for 1 past year, put it on an accounting system and generate the reports for your tax. Yes, it’s possible. Are you looking for time saving or cost saving? Contact us and start a chat about how we can help you

We’ll work with your accountant to get the work done for him. Tell him about us.

*Prices may change due to additional services required.

bookkeeping   bookkeeper

Doing hours of data entry when you aren’t experienced at it is wasting your time. Time you could be using to grow or stabilise your business.

The systems we use are designed to save time so the work will get done efficiently and effectively. This leaves time for us to go over and above in service to you either with support or in other areas of your business. Think of the Baseline charge as incorporating a Call Out fee – it takes time to get to know your business, right?

As a non-professional bookkeeper you can easily make a “dog’s breakfast” of your books and not even know it. We’re here to help you navigate the ‘systems’ – set them up for you then its up to you if you wish or we can support you or we can do it for you. Small businesses and startups like independence and we like to implement them for you and hand them over to you if that’s what you want.

One of the most valuable things we can do for you is clean up your data history for tax. We will systemise you using Shoeboxed Xero and Excel. We’ll get you rocking and rolling.


If you haven’t lodged your Taxes for years or done a BAS for years, we can help you find out where you stand AND talk to the ATO for you. If you have a shoebox of receipts, we can help. If you just have Bank Statements, we can help uisng just those too. 

Rapid Entry Business Services will fix the mess your books are in and get you on track to go forward with confidence.

Cloud Systems savvy, we’ll keep you safe and on track for tax with no unwanted surprises.

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