If you’re not a bookkeeper and you need one to handle your accounts, I want to help.

Do your best work and we’ll do ours.

Rapid Entry consults with firms on their workflow solutions. Small businesses seem to ‘throw together’ their back office.


Creating light, not heat.

Our Process

1 Best Practice
2 Review the processes
3 Recommendations including costs
4 Assist with implementation
5 Work with stakeholders to commit to new processes
6 Facilitate client learning—that is, teaching clients how to resolve similar problems in the future
7 Result – permanently improve organizational effectiveness

Dianne Jewell BAS Agent BBus(Accy) Dip Fin Sv

Industries that we specialise in for full-service Bookkeeping.

1. Professional Services

2. Tradies

3. Construction

4. Health

5. Other

Work Product

1. Bookkeeping (Future proofing in case of ATO audit)


3. Payroll/IAS and everything Payroll

4. Reporting

5. Forecasting

6. Budgeting

7. Cash Flow guidance

8. Costing

Tools (for Electronic Comms and Storage)

1. Teams

2. Zoom

3. Microsoft – Outlook/OneDrive

4. Google – Gmail/Drive

5. Dropbox

Accounting Tools

1. Excel

2. Xero


4. QBO

5. Futurli

Tools (for Paperless Bills)

1. Dext

2. Hubdoc

Our Services

Full-service Bookkeeping

  • Document Handling
  • Coding and Bank Rec
  • Payroll/HR (Employment Hero)
  • Activity/IAS lodgements
  • Annual Reconciliations
  • Audit Resilience Surety

Full-Service Payroll

  • Payroll Weekly or
  • Payroll Fortnightly or
  • Payroll Monthly (or all three)
  • IAS lodgement
  • Upload of aba to bank for co-authorisation
  • Reports and advice feedback
  • Cash Flow advice and Forecasting

Back Office Services

Forget about struggling to keep everything organized – with Rapid Systems Workflow, you can take the ‘frayed ends’ of your processes and start working smarter not harder


Your daily workflow starts with a phone call from a client… We provide a service that documents your processes. From there, you can implement Applications to work smarter, save money, create a happier workplace, and make your job easier.

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